August 27, 2016

The Saint John Dragon Boat Festival is a fundraising project of St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to raise funds that help meet the needs of St. Joseph's Hospital for equipment, research and education. Together with our sponsors, your donations help to ensure St. Joseph's Hospital continues to meet the needs of the residents of Greater Saint John now and in the future. 

Fortunately, in partnership with the community, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation has been able to support our medical professionals with the necessary equipment to ensure superior care.  This year the Saint John Dragon Boat Festival is raising funds for the “Little Things” with patient centered care in mind.  We asked our healthcare professionals what we could do to enhance the comfort, care and safety of our patients.  The resulting wish list items will make a difference in patient care throughout the Hospital.


Little Things” like a Fetal Heart Doppler for Women’s Wellness Centre.  Fetal heart rate monitoring is one of the most important aspects of prenatal care.  Beginning as early as the eighth week of pregnancy, healthcare providers may be able to detect the baby’s heart rate.  By listening regularly to the baby’s heart we can ensure that the baby is in good health and growing properly. 

Little Things” like a Radiolucent X-ray Chair to be used for patients who require the option of sitting upright for a diagnostic imaging procedure due to an injury or mobility restrictions.

Little Things” like Speciality Chairs, the Geriatric Medicine Units are in need of an assortment of speciality chairs that enable patients to sit comfortably and safely while providing a variety of clinical benefits including retention of muscle strength.

Little Things” like an Eye Tonometer providing Urgent Care physicians with the ability to measure the pressure inside a patient’s eye. 


The importance of this equipment cannot be overstated.  Many big things evolve from their availability: diagnosis, treatment and hopefully, full recovery. It's absolutely necessary to have them.  This campaign will touch virtually every department at St. Joseph’s.  Often it’s the “Little Things” you do that make a big difference.  

Be a part of the Magic and join us on August 27th, 2016 as we host the 12th Annual Saint John Dragon Boat Festival in support of St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation.  “Every Little thing you do is Magic”.

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